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The Blunt Approach to a Legal Cannabis Store

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Legal Cannabis Store Cannabis

Since legal cannabis stores were first established in October of 2017, there has been an endless flood of new products on the market. We carry a full range of products, but instead of you having to sort through the nonsense, Blunt has curated the best selection of craft cannabis in North Vancouver.

We were consumers first. With an appreciation for British Columbia’s hospitable history of cultivation, it’s no secret that regulated cannabis initially struggled to compete with the Legacy Market on two fronts: quality and price. A few years later, the licensed producers have upped their game and new farmers have entered the field. As a result, prices have become drastically more competitive, and our understanding of quality has evolved from being purely potency-focused to encompassing every aspect of the flower-to-smoke experience.

In the current market, craft cannabis struggles to shine. With most legal cannabis stores, the choices can be overwhelming, information is scarce and when people meant to help you navigate products are more concerned about their sales quotas than finding you the right option. It’s frustrating. The Blunt solution is simple: Premium Gas at Diesel Pricing. Where big box stores make inventory decisions based on investment partnerships and marketing deals, Blunt selects products based on what the team enjoys, and what our clients want. It does take a fair bit of “research”, but we do it happily for you.

When you visit the Blunt cannabis store, you’ll find a complete selection of craft cannabis products that range from the goodies your neighbours smoked back in the day to the gas of BCs Legacy era, plus a variety of new-age options that are unique to legal cannabis stores. It is a one-stop shop for seasoned consumers and a comfortable environment to start exploring cannabis.

We buy what we smoke, and smoke what we buy.

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